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2024 Officers - President Charlotte Belin


Past Presidents

Claudia Laird             2016                                   

Stacey Buick              2017-2018                       

Johnnie Seago           2019   

Sylvia Olszway           2020   

Caroline McWilliams 2021

Dar Kurtz                    2022 

Charlotte Belin          2023       

Membership Form

Registered voters may become members of our organization. Please complete and return the form with appropriate dues.  We cannot accept corporate checks.

Membership fees of $35/$25 are increased for online payment due to service charges from PayPal.

For renewal, if there is no change in member's information AND renewal is done with PayPal, a membership form is not required to renew membership.

To pay by mail, please send check with membership form to:


PO Box 1081

Conroe, TX  77305

Initial Organizational Meeting in April of 2016

Charter Members

Claudia Laird                                           Kristin Bays 

Shelly Murski                                          ​Sandy Martin

Caroline Griffin McWilliams                  Lorraine May

Johnnie Seago                                         Debi Hix 

Sandy Apostolo                                       Frances Laird 

Janell Volke                                               Jill Simonsen

Mary Wagers                                           Rachel Williams

Renell Pedigo                                           Lisa Bruce

Sheri Mericle                                            Mari Vande Ven

Georgette Whatley                                  Sandi Curtis

Dawn Dietz                                               Stacey Buick

Stephaney Buick

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